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After a few years of blending, testing, more blending, more testing…..we now have a collection of soaps available for sale. 

Our soap recipes are generally vegetarian (we do make an occasional lard soap), all are palm-free, and made with
WHAT ELSE, our own goat milk!  We use only essential oils to scent our soaps, never artificial fragrance oils. 

Right now we have over a dozen soap scent blends, and are always working on something new!

We have four all-over body soap recipes, and now have two facial soaps in our collection. 

All our soaps are gentle on skin and very moisturizing.  Check out our current offerings below.

California Coast Scent – fresh, herbal, woodsy – like driving down the coast with the windows down!  Shown here with glow in the dark blue swirl

Clary Sage Blend Scent – a clean, floral scent

Flower Child Scent – a trip back in time…patchouli and lavender dominate this earthy, floral blend

Grandma's Cedar Chest Scent – cedar is the dominant note, with other scents to balance the blend

Lavender-Tea Tree Scent – herbal, floral, and lightly refreshing – a favorite blend

Lemon Ice Scent – citrusy, bright, and refreshing…perfect for a hot summer day

Mediterranean Dream Scent – herbal, camphoraceous, and woodsy with a slightly sweet base

Minty Forest Scent – just as the name says…a minty and piney blend

Image coming soon

Sweet & Spicy Scent ... out of stock! Check back

Sweet Citrus Blast Scent – a fresh, sweet blend of citrus oils with a floral base

Sweet Fennel Surprise Scent – if you like fennel, you will LOVE this scent! Sweet fennel harmonized with several other essential oils…a farm favorite

Tuscan Breeze Scent – rosemary and lavender anchor this blend….like walking through Tuscany

Below are the details on our different soap recipes and their ingredients. 
Pictured are the scents currently available for each recipe.

Double Butter Body Love – a great all-around soap for all skin types. Bubbly lather, very moisturizing, and the clay provides a smooth feel. Made with olive, coconut, and castor oils; shea and cocoa butters; goat milk; lye; essential oil blend; clay; micas for color

Sweet Almond Double Butter – a great soap for all skin types, and especially good for anyone who needs a little extra moisturizing. Great for those who live in dry climates. Made with olive, sweet almond, coconut and castor oils; shea and cocoa butters; goat milk; lye; essential oil blend; clay; micas for color

Shea Butter-Lard -very similar to Double Butter Body Love for cleansing and moisturizing, with a firmer lather. Made with lard; olive, coconut, and castor oils; shea butter, goat milk; lye; essential oil blend; clay; micas for color

Udderly Castille – ... Made with olive oil, goat milk, lye, essential oil blend, clay, micas for color

Hemp Facial Soap – gentle cleansing for your face and very moisturizing. A long-lasting bar. Made with olive, sweet almond, coconut, hemp, and jojoba oils; goat milk; lye; essential oil blend for toning skin; clay

Image coming soon

Shea Facial Soap For Mature Skin – ... out of stock! Check back

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